Smart Vision Control

Smart Vision solution for ProfiNET, EtherCAT oder Ethernet/IP

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SmartVision with direct fieldbus connection
- Realtime Image Acquisition
- Easy Image Preprocessin
- Image Processing without Programming
- Wide Smart Processing
- Speed AutoAdjust
- Semiautomatic Scaling
Smart Vision Control System
Fieldbus connection for EtherCAT, ProfiNET and EthernetIP  
Fieldbus connection for
- ProfiNET
- EtherCAT
- Ethernet/IP
  Use with

- Siemens TIA-Portal
- Rockwell Studio 5000
- Beckhoff TwinCAT
Use with TIA-Portal
Smart Image Processing   Smart Image Processing:

- Center
- Orientation
- Distance
- Contour
- Match
- Edges
Realtime Image Processing
Realtime Image Processing
GenICAM Configurator with Diagnostics   GenICAM Configurator with Diagnostics
Typical Applications
- Pick & Place
- Assembly
- Inspections
- Quality Assurance
- Pachaging
- Measuring
- Soldering
Smart Vision Applications

Smart Vision Control System

The smart vision solution with direct fieldbus connection does not require any additional hardware - just a Windows PC and a GigE Vision camera (e.g. Basler). Parameterization instead of programming: simple image presetting and image processing without programming knowledge.

This new product from Sybera combines two areas: the fieldbus connection (ProfiNET, EtherCAT or Ethernet/IP) to the PLC and image capture and image processing. This means that tasks such as pick & place, measurement technology and quality assurance can be carried out with minimal effort. The camera integration is also easy and is done using the additional software VisionGen.

In addition to the camera itself, the lens and the lighting, image pre-processing plays a crucial role in the quality of the results. Typical features of image preprocessing are brightness, contrast, sharpness and threshold.

A total of ten image processing elements (items) are available, which can be freely combined and transmit the result directly to the PLC. The available image processing elements are: center determination, angle determination, distance measurement, contour measurement, corner position determination and pattern determination.