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ProfiNET Diagnostics
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ARP, DCP, RPC, LLDP Implementation
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ProfiNET Master Simulator for Windows

The PC-based ProfiNET Master Stack for Windows and the X-Realtime Engine eliminates the need for a separate controller hardware, since the master controller is implemented directly from the PC with standard Ethernet adapters. With the PC based Device Stack also ProfiNET devices can be simulated under Windows. With the help of the ProfiNET library system own applications can be developed (programmed). The developer should be able to program control projects using simple interface functions and to design their own applications graphically. As with the standardized programs, the developer must be able to implement the parameterization and the logic operation through library functions. In addition, it must also be ensured that the available library functions can also be used to influence complex processes (for example state changes) of the devices or error situations. The ProfiNET protocol management, the error handling and device logistics are in the s.g. Implemented protocol stacks. The protocol stacks thus provide the connection between the physical transport layer (e.g., Ethernet driver) and the application software. The goal of protocol stacks is the same for all systems: The developer of ProfiNET projects should not have to worry about the protocol management, but rather about the processing of the corresponding user data of the connected stations. Device logistics and parameterization are largely simplified by implicit specifications. The software is executable under Windows, and enables the control of ProfiNET modules at real-time.

ProfiNET Master Simulator Functionality

The Ethernet fieldbus communication differs not only by a different protocol specification, but also by the bus topology. So realized e.g. EtherCAT a line topology, while ProfiNET implements a star topology. While ProfiNET implements the typical master / device principle between controller and devices, PROFINET consists of a provider / consumer model in which the roles can be swapped. However, PROFINET realtime communication requires a defined master / device relationship. Similar to ProfiNET, SYBERA also speaks of a PROFINET master in the new PROFINET stack. The new real-time PROFINET master from SYBERA eliminates the need for a separate controller hardware, since the PROFINET controller can be implemented by the PC with standard Ethernet adapters. The PROFINET Master is offered by SYBERA as an open real-time library system and enables the developer to program a deterministic control for PROFINET devices.

ProfiNET Master Simulator Technology

Due to the increasing networking of the industrial environment, the Ethernet communication plays an increasingly important role in the connection and control of devices. Today, various Ethernet standards are available for fieldbus communication, including: a. SERCOS, Powerlink, ProfiNET and PROFINET. The communication principle is typically based on a deterministic process data exchange and therefore requires deterministic software and hardware for control and device. Direct control of the fieldbus devices with a PC and the Windows operating system was only possible with the introduction of so-called real-time expansion systems. An example of this is the SYBERA real-time extension, which enables Ethernet update cycles of up to 250 ╬╝sec.

ProfiNET Training

In order to be able to use the ProfiNET communication efficiently, Sybera offers the training "ProfiNET development". In our training, we convey the knowledge neutral and product-independent. The training provides a comprehensive insight into the ProfiNET technology by means of examples and practical exercises. The training focuses on the topics ProfiNET specification, topology, protocol management, Profinet Services, communication and application relations, acyclic and cyclic protocols, ProfiNET RT and IRT communication, alarm handling, configuration, GSDML device description and configuration. The participants of the training receive detailed background information about the ProfiNET for daily use and consolidate their knowledge with Wireshark analyzes. The participants of the training will also be able to independently configure, program and analyze errors in ProfiNET projects. The training is aimed at all developers and service technicians.

ProfiNET Life

SYBERA offers the unique opportunity to experience the fieldbus topic in the real-time simulator in Holzgerlingen. The simulator combines digital and analog sensors and actuators in a complex pneumatic control system. A passenger compartment can be controlled with lift, roll, pitch and turn movements. The devices connected to the fieldbus terminals include laser distance sensors, inductive sensors, pressure sensors, incremental encoders, control valves and directional valves - thus reflecting the familiar environment of control technology. The passenger has the possibility of changing the parameters themselves and thus influencing the repeatability and jitter of the control. The real-time simulator helps all interested parties to better assess fieldbus systems in practice.