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ProfiNET Simulator Library for Windows

With the PC-based ProfiNET master for Windows, Sybera extends the program of realtime library software. This master library allows the RT control of ProfiNET IO devices. Based on the increasing requirements of networking within the industrial area, the ethernet communication plays a more and more important role for the control of devices. Different ethernet standards are available for the bus related communication, like SERCOS, Powerlink, ProfiNET and PROFINET. The communication principle rested characteristically on a deterministic process data-exchange and requires therefore for control and devices deterministic Soft- and hardware. The SYBERA ProfiNET Master library allows the RT control of ProfiNET IO devices. The Open Master Library is based on the Ethernet Realtime Core. SYBERA provides therefore a library called SHAPNIOCORE for mastering the ProfinetIO states and sending and receiving of ProfinetIO frames in realtime. The Open ProfinetIO Realtime library allows handling of ProfinetIO data in realtime, without the need of an complex ProfinetIO management, nevertheless with the ability of interfacing all ProfinetIO interface levels. The ProfinetIO Library is based on 4 Realtime Tasks, for sending (TX) and receiving (RX) of ProfinetIO frames, error handling and the realtime application task. The tasks are syncronized by an internal state machine. Thereby the error task recognizes framing errors and hardware latencies.

ProfiNET (Master / Device) Functionality

The direct control of the field bus devices with a PC and the operating system windows became relevant with the introduction of so-called realtime extensions. An example therefor is the realtime extension of SYBERA that enables ethernet update cycles upto 50 µsec. The Ethernet based bus-communication differs not only through a different protocol-specification, but rather also through the bus-topology. While ProfiNET realizes a ring-topology, PROFINET realizes a star topology. While ProfiNET enables the typical Master/Device-principle between control and devices, PROFINET consists of a provider/Consumer-model, which allows changing roles. The PROFINET realtime communication prefaces a defined Master/Device-relation. Similar to the ProfiNET master, SYBERA calls the new PROFINET stack a PROFINET master. With the new realtime PROFINET master the necessity of a separate controller-hardware falls. The PROFINET control can be realized simply by the PC by standard Ethernet adapters. The PROFINET master is offered as an open realtime library system and enables the developer for programming of a deterministic control applications for PROFINET devices.

ProfiNET (Master / Device) Technology

A ProfinetIO fieldbus system consists of several station devices (typically bus coupler devices). A station consists at least of one module (SLOT) and a module consists at least of one submodule (SUBSLOT). For proper operation the ProfinetIO devices needs first to be configured and a STATIONLIST must be created. Therefore SYBERA provides a program called STATIONGEN. STATIONGEN allows creating a stationlist by selecting modules from a module catalog. The catalog get its entries by the provides GSDML files. A module is inserted to the station list configuration.

ProfiNET Training

To apply the PROFINET communication efficiently, SYBERA provides training "PROFINET development". In our training we transfer the knowledge neutral and product-independent. The training enables based on samples and practical exercises a comprehensive insight into the ProfiNET - Technology. In the training the PROFINET - Specification, topology management protocol, Profinet services, communication and application associations, acyclic and cyclic protocols PROFINET RT and IRT communication, alarm handling, planning, GSDML device description and configuration are discussed in detail. Participants of the training receive detailed background information on the ProfiNET for daily use and consolidate their knowledge with Wireshark - analyzes. The participants of the training will be able to configure ProfiNET projects independently, to program and analyze errors. The training thus aimed at all developers and service technicians.

ProfiNET Life

SYBERA offers the unique opportunity to experience the field bus system directly in the realtime simulator in Holzgerlingen. The simulator unites digital and analogous Sensorik and Aktorik in a complicated pneumatics machine. A passenger's cell can be controlled with lift movements, rolling movements, pitching movements and rotary movements. To the fieldbus modules connected devices enclose laser distance sensors, inductive sensors, pressure sensors, incremental sensors, and valves, reflecting therefore the known sphere of the control technology. The passenger has the possibility to change the parameters and to influence therefore the latency and jitter of the controlling system. The realtime simulator helps all prospective customers to be able to estimate the field bus system for the industrial use.