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Realtime Cycles upto 1 msec
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Windows ModTCP Realtime Master
Windows ModTCP Realtime Master Management   Realtime TCP State Management
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ModTCP Master Library
As an extension of the realtime Ethernet spectrum SYBERA has developed a Realtime Master for the Modbus TCP. The Realtime Master allows precise control of Modbus telegrams via the TCP/IP communication. The master/device relationship allows a deterministic handshaking within closed networks. The MODBus TCP realtime communication prefaces a defined Master/Device-relation. With the realtime MODBus TCP master the requirement of a separate controller-hardware falls. The MODBus TCP control can be realized simply by the PC hardware and standard Ethernet adapters.
ModTCP Master Technology
The Modbus TCP communication principle is based characteristically on a deterministic data-exchange. With a specially developed TCP realtime state machine, the TCP messages are controlled. Here, both the controlled TCP protocol enabling (Connect) and the TCP protocol disabling (Disconnect) is implemented at real-time. The realtime master allows a star topology network Modbus participants, the addressing is determined by the MAC and IP address of the switching modules. The development of the master library is comfortably aligned to the MODBUS telegrams.