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GigE Vision Master Real-Time Library
In the past the realtime communication under Windows has been directed to a specific fieldbus system. This restriction has been canceled with the support of the GigE Vision standard for industrial image processing. GigE Vision is an international interface standard for industrial image processing . It allows easy connection of industrial cameras to existing network systems through the use of Gigabit Ethernet. The GigE Vision standard consists of four elements : The GigE Vision Control Protocol (GVCP) uses UDP and defines how a device is to be addressed and specifies data channels and mechanisms for the transmission of images and configuration data between camera and PC. The GigE Vision Stream Protocol (GVSP) specifies the different data types and modes of transmission to transfer images. UDP is used for transmission. But GigE Vision itself contains the optional possibility of packet resend to correct transmission errors. The GigE Device Discovery mechanism includes finding cameras on the network. Additionally, the camera manufacturer provides a XML file based on the GenCam standard that contains a functional description of the camera. This allows access to camera data and images. With an integrated bandwidth control, the GigE realtime master library allows the complete control cycle of "Vision Sensor - Image Processing - Fieldbus actuators" in a deterministic time grid distributed to different fieldbuses. This is realized by the use of the X-Realtime cluster engine for Windows. With the GigE Vision SYBERA master, within a single network or across multiple networks data can be exchanged with other fieldbus systems. The camera configuration follows the GenICam standard parameters (e.g. Basler Camera) . The image processing can be performed in realtime with third-party libraries (e.g. OpenCV) . The master control is done directly from the PC and will be implemented with standard Ethernet adapters. By extending the Ethernet transport layer (Ethernet realtime core) more than 70 standard Ethernet adapter are supported for the GigE Vision connection.
GigE Vision Master Functionality
The GigE Vision master of SYBERA is offered as an open realtime library system for Windows and allows the developer to program a deterministic control for cameras in conjunction with other field bus systems. The developer has the option to program the cameras with simple interface functions, and to create own vision applications graphically. As with the standardized programming interfaces the developer has the possibility to realize the configuration of the logical link and vision cameras by library functions. The developer of vision projects should not have to worry about protocol management, rather take care of the processing of the relevant image data of the connected cameras. In addition, it must also be ensured, that the developer can also take influence to complex operations, such as State change of the cameras or error situations with available library functions. The GigE protocol management ( GVCP and GVSP ) , error handling and logistics equipment are implemented in so called Master protocol stacks. The protocol stacks thus forming the connection between the physical transport layer (eg, Ethernet driver) and application software.
GigE Vision Master Technology
The Master meets the requirements of the GigE Vision specification 2.0 and is designed as other SYBERA master libraries as open programming system. Particularly high value was placed on the critical timing of the GigE GVSP protocol . This is done through an integrated bandwidth control. The system is based on four realtime tasks for sending and receiving Ethernet frames and functional treatment for cyclic data exchange. The tasks are functionally synchronized by a state machine. The realtime error task detects frame errors and hardware latencies. With help of a frame filter, the acyclic GVCP vision frames are separated in realtime and transfered to a telegram stack. SYBERA implemented in the master libraries the process "Dynamic Jitter Compensation" with active and passive feedback. Although the X-Realtime Engine of SYBERA manages a low maximum jitter of 15 microseconds ( depending on the hardware platform), an additive jitter arises in the sampling operation. For unsynchronized communication with Industrial Ethernet components this is negligible in most cases. However, to realize the control and synchronization of drives, the reduction of the additive jitter and dynamic drift in the master libraries was required.