New:  Realtime Silent Mode  
Sybera's latest coup is called "Realtime Silent Mode" and for the first time offers a jitter reduction down to less than 5 μsec. The problem of the jitter behavior in conjunction with Windows and real-time is mainly due to the necessary bus synchronization between the processors. For example, jitter deviations of more than 100 μsec are possible on some PCs, despite the most complex platform control. With the real-time silent mode, Windows is selectivly put into sleep and woken up by program control. This allows a stable real-time behavior below 5 microseconds.
  The easy way to EtherCAT  
Together with our partner Spectra GmbH & Co. KG, we have launched the EtherCAT Xperience kit. Especially for newcomers it offers an fast and easy access to the fieldbus topic - and this for small money!
  EFI Realtime Engine (EFIRTE)  
The new EFIRTE real-time engine has come, with support of UEFI-BIOS. With the new generation of the real-time engine for Windows, an even more stable real-time is achieved with the lowest jitter, while maintaining a high operating standard. The interface of the programming libraries didn't change.
  Real-Time under Windows 10  
The time has come - the X-Realtime Engine for Windows 10 is ready to use. SYBERA has carried out extensive testing on different platforms with Windows 10 (32- and 64-bit). The X-Realtime Engine for Windows 10 is now released in BIOS mode. The accuracy and reliability is just as stable as on Windows 7/8 platforms.
  Extensive TeamViewer Support  
SYBERA introduced the TeamViewer Support. Thus we can provide our customers support better and faster. With the direct remote access even difficult issues can be foand and fixed directly on the target system. The TeamViewer is personalized and can be activated in a few steps. Here, the data security is the top priority - the customer followed the entire remote support and allowed only the number of accesses absolutely necessary.
  Device Libraries  
In addition to the well-known master libraries for EtherCAT, Profinet, Sercos III and Ethernet / IP Sybera now also offers device libraries for the corresponding simulator protocols in real time basis. While the PROFINET device library is already available, the Device Library for Ethernet / IP from the beginning of September will be available. Additional slave libraries for EtherCAT and Sercos III will follow and are in addition connected to X-GO Logic Control.
  New Software Update  
With the new software update SYBERA has carried out numerous improvements and enhancements in the individual libraries. To use the new versions, all libraries are easily installed on top - existing license information will be kept. SYBERA has all relevant libraries (32- and 64-bit) revised and provided for you within the download area.
  Video-Coach for Ethernet/IP Device Configuration  
With the new online video series in HD quality we offer a quick introduction to the Ethernet / IP Master of SYBERA. Learn in a few minutes tips and tricks on how to configure Ethernet / IP devices. All aspects of configuration are clearly in the video explained and demonstrated step by step.
  X-GO Flex Logic Control with Ethernet/IP  
After a long development phase X-GO has been extended with the protocol Ethernet / IP. Both the configuration and operation of Ethernet / IP devices with multiple connections is possible. As usual, the devices with X-GO Flex Coding can be easily programmed. The configuration and diagnostics of the Ethernet / IP devices is done with the supplied software EIPCONFIG. With Ethernet / IP now 4 protocols under X-GO Flex are supported - without any additional controller hardware. The new software is now available for download.
  Train and Solve - Training without loss of time  
Do you know the problem: For the much needed expertise, employees should go to training, but during that time they can not spent time on the project. The solution: Train and Solve - The concept of "Train and Solve" allows even during the training to continue the project. The participants can use their own hardware (PC, adapter, devices) for the training and implement the relevant samples to the project. With our expertise and many years of training experience, we are capable of "Train and Solve" to improve your projects efficiency and its implementation.
  GigE Vision Real-Time Library  
The new GigE Vision realtime library SYBERA closes the control circuit. Since then, the real-time communication was restricted under Windows on a specific fieldbus system. Now, by supporting the GigE Vision standard, this restriction was removed. With an integrated bandwidth control, the Master library allows the complete control cycle: vision sensors - Image processing - Fieldbus actuators in a deterministic time grid distributed to different fieldbuses. More information can be foand on the relevant product page.
  The company K.Brunner AG takes over the distribution of the SYBERA products in Switzerland  
The K. Brunner AG is a manufacturer of CNC software and PC control systems and specified in Motion-Control. Basic task is constructing and fitting of special machines on the special needs of the customers. The company takes over the whole process of development, from planning, constructing up to the customer service. With it the K.Brunner AG is a competent partner for the distribution of the SYBERA products in Switzerland, in particular for the field bus-systems EtherCAT, ProfiNET and Sercos III. With the distribution partnership an important gap has been closed in the distribution network by SYBERA.
  X-Realtime and LabWindows  
The X-Realtime Technology allows the use of real-time libraries for LabWindows. This can, for example, Master Simulators are programmed using LabWindows. Try LabWindows with SYBERA real-time libraries.
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